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Action! Adventure! Romance! Love! Lust! Greed! Billionaire Hippies! The German Mafia!

But wait... there's more...


A haunted supermarket?! A Mad Bread Squeezer?! A real life super hero?! A High Stakes Gnip Gnop match?!

And all the rock 'n roll you can drink...

All in one book???!!!

Yep! I Am Stu Pitt is the comic strip novel that will leave you wondering, "What else is the CIA covering up about supermarkets?"

With the greatest plot twist since Luke Skywalker found out his daddy was Darth Vader, I Am Stu Pitt is 134 pages of full color action that will tantalize and improve your life by as much as 46%. 


I Am Stu Pitt will also leave Harvard and Yale literary scholars stumped for decades to come.


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